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In Our Garden: Panagia’s Tears

A couple of years ago, I ran across a bracelet on Ancient Faith Publishing made of seeds called “Panagia’s Tears” or “Tears of the Mother of God”.  I found the story of the bracelet fascinating and ended up buying it for my daughter for...

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Connecting Church and Home: Censers

This is a craft I’ve done with elementary students, my own children, and adults (during a church school seminar) to learn more about censers within the context of worship, teaching, and praxis.  This is a phenomenal way to engage visual learners along with...

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The Orthodox Curriculum Project

Creating a searchable database of curriculum with an Orthodox approach to educating ourselves, our families, and our communities

Connecting Church & Home

A year long cycle of living our faith for families

Special Needs, Small Classrooms, and One-Room Classrooms

Overview of a recent church school seminar which includes links and resources


Family as Nurturer

“The family is not just the principle educator but the educator of such importance that the influence of all other factors is at best marginal.”

– John Boojamra, Foundations for Christian Education


“You can only teach that which you have made your own…”

– Sophie Koulomzin, Our Church & Our Children

“Experience before understanding, participation before explanation, is advocated as the way of catechesis in the Church.”

– Anton Vrame, The Educating Icon

“Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the Orthodox Christian learning process begin from the very birth of the child.”

– George Nicozisin, The Road to Orthodox Phronema

“The religious education of children is mainly brought about by example, and by the atmosphere of love and prayer in the home.”

– Sister Magdalen, Children in the Church Today

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