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Here are two examples of ways you can use the walls of your classroom, church hallway, or home to engage your children (and adults) when teaching about our faith:

Start with a large piece of bulletin board paper (available at teacher stores) and have it cut to the desired length.  I asked them to cut this one to 6 feet.  Then attach the desired border around the edges.  (Also available at the teacher store)



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For the first bulletin board – “Visiting an Orthodox Church During Vacation“, I also attached a road with cars leading to an Orthodox church.



I purchased the road and cars from a teacher store and then copied a church out of the following coloring book.



Next, I printed off photos of different churches we have visited while we were traveling and on vacation.  I labeled each of the photos telling where the church was located on a passport I purchased from the teacher store as well.


This bulletin board would ideally be placed in the parish hall where everyone would see it during fellowship hour.  This bulletin board could be a means to encourage families to seek out an Orthodox parish while they are on vacation (especially during the summer months) and then invite them to post their photo along with where it was located on the parish bulletin board.  This is a great activity not only for the kids and families but for ALL of the adults at the parish – young and old!

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The second bulletin board is learning about Saints Around the World or Our Patron Saints.


I started off with posters of the continents.  You could also use an extra large map of the world as well.

Then we studied about each of our patron saints in our family.  We learned about their life, the time period they lived in, and where they lived.





As the map begins to be filled, this is also a perfect opportunity to talk about missionaries.  Who are they?  What do they do?  Where have they gone?

What kinds of bulletin boards have you used in your parishes and homes to help teach about our faith?