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This was part of my presentation at the last IL webinar.  For the foreseeable future, Illumination Learning will not be hosting anymore webinars.  As time permits, I will be archiving as many resources as possible from these past webinars on the website.

The following unit is intended for use in church school classrooms as well as in the home.  The unit breaks down each of the chapters in the book, “Special Agents of Christ” by Annalisa Boyd, with additional activities and lessons.  This unit was created for my oldest son where I used the book as a special one on one time with him in the evenings after I had tucked my two younger sons in bed.

Click on the link below, browse through the pages, and use it with your students or children.  Let us know if you tweaked or added to the unit and we’ll share it with everyone else as well!

Click here for: Special Agents of Christ Unit

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