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I created Illumination Learning in 2009 as a hub for finding Orthodox Christian education resources.  It is an online collection of Orthodox Christian resources for family-centered catechesis.

If you would like to contribute to the growth of Illumination Learning by sharing a video, activity, lesson, or other resource that you have created for your classroom, family, or homeschool, please contact me for more information.


The Illumination Learning logo and name were inspired by a pilgrimage to Agia Sophia in the fall of 2007 with my husband.  I was staring at the ceiling and marveling at how these crosses were still illuminating the ceiling despite the effort to paint over them.



I grew up Orthodox and many of the stories I share here are shaped and influenced by my parents’ example for us.  When I was 14, my dad, Fr. Bill Christ, was ordained to the holy priesthood at Hellenic College/Holy Cross in Boston, Massachusetts.  I am the oldest of six kids.  My educational background is elementary education.  I have taught in daycares, elementary public schools (including one year with severely autistic children), church school, and have homeschooled my kids since my oldest was in third grade – many, many years ago.  I have been a church school director and a St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival Coordinator.  My husband and I were foster parents for three years and took in five boys under the age of 5 in just over one year’s time for a grand total of six kids in our home.  We adopted our oldest three foster sons and our youngest two foster sons were adopted by extended family.  Currently we have five children – one girl and four boys ranging in ages from 20 to a year with another baby on the way summer 2015.

After reading the following excerpt from Sophie Koulomzin’s book, Our Church Our Children – I simply cannot phrase it any more perfectly about how I feel towards the works I offer here:

You know, you can live year after year and then come up against something and suddenly feel that this is THE thing, this is the thing you have been looking for all your life, this is what you have been thinking about, this is where all the different circumstances of your life were leading you.  I guess what I mean is that I have discovered my vocation, just as a painter or a musician might.  Even if for the rest of my life I have to pound away at typewriters in 15 different offices, I know that I will always work with children and for children.  Children are my vocation, I suppose.  My head is bursting with ideas of all I want to do, and even of the books, or at least a book I want to write, a book on church worship for children.  After all, this is not THAT impossible.


lesandjennyIn Christ,


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